Three Denver Attractions That Will Put You Close To All The Action

Witness the downtown Denver skyline, visit some natural and historical places of interest and have the vacation of a lifetime. The Mile High City awaits you. Whether you are a short drive away or you need a plane ticket, an adventure in Denver these days is always right around the corner. You can be there in no time, and you are going to enjoy traveling the Queen City of the Plains. When you arrive, try making your way around to these wonderful attractions.

If you were to look at the top attractions in Denver on a list, you would certainly see quite a few breweries and even some wineries and distilleries. Here is one you might want to visit if that’s your thing. Laws Whiskey House is a distillery located at 1420 South Acoma Street, and it looks like quite the interesting place. If you have a passion for whiskey and how it is made, this is a going to be a great stop for you. You get an amazing tour of the facility and get to learn all about the entire whiskey making process. Plus you get to enjoy a free tasting session.

Located at 1621 Glenman Place is the Paramount Theater. Are you in the mood to catch a live concert? You will find much more than just a show in this area. It is a great building to visit in general, and the venue is said to be wonderful. It is an old school theater, and there are several of the best restaurants in Denver right nearby, too. Enjoy dinner and a show in one of the best areas of the Mile High City.

Denver is home to quite a few parks, and one of them is Civic Center Park. This park stretches from Broadway to Bannock Street, and you are also going to be right by the Denver State Capitol Building when there. Not only that, but there are quite a few other nearby attractions. This is one of the best parks to visit. You get your park time, and you get to be primed and ready to go stop by some of the top ranked places of interest in Denver that are right in that area. Pack a picnic if you like, or visit one of the nearby restaurants.

Those wonderful Denver attractions will put you right in the middle of the action, yet give you some downtime, too. Do they fit what you’re looking for in a Denver vacation? If so, add them to your list of places you want to stop by when in the Wall Street of the West.